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Never Alone

Never Alone

You are never alone.

Don’t you ever wonder why when during your darkest moments; during times when you are hanging by a thread, those are the moments where nobody seems to notice. You wake up in the morning with the same sadness, bitterness, loneliness and yet when people see you, nobody even bothers to ask why?

When you’re alone in your house, or room, and silence fills your ears, you wonder why nobody seems to care. You wonder why no one wanted to help you. You wonder where and when you would be understood because you’re just plain tired of life that you wanted to give up right then and there. After all, nobody would see – nobody would bat an eye.


Just stop, and let me tell you something.

You are never alone.

While you may counter what I said, I stand by my words that you are never alone. You are loved. You are cared for. You are important to someone. And somebody notices what you’re going through and He wants to help you in every way that He can.

2 Chronicles 16:9

“The eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.”

Nothing escapes His eyes. He sees everything – every little detail, every tear, every slumped shoulders. That much is true. While you may not see Him in a way your eyes let you see things, He is ever present and real, and so are His words.

We all need help. We all get tired and stumble. For a while you may think that you’re worthless – that you’re nothing more than just a speck of dust amongst all things. You may think of giving up because of what you’re going through is just too much for you to bear. But God is there. God wants to help you. Just trust Him and keep your heart committed to Him. And I assure you you’ll have all the help you can get.

Let Him heal you.

Let Him help you.  


When Nothing Makes Sense

When Nothing Makes Sense

Many have the misconception that when you form a relationship with Christ, life becomes a bed of roses – free from everything everyone is tired of.

Far from it my friend.

The harsh truth is, it becomes “harder” (that, or we just become increasingly more aware of how life really is). You may ask what difference it would do. If life is hard either way, then why choose a path that “cages” you from a long list of to-dos and not-to-dos? Better the one where you are free to choose whatever you will, right?

Everyone is fighting their own battles, in their own battlefields. Some may choose the path of oneself. Some choose the other. But the bottom line is: we all face the same thing.  The answer is this: when we choose to side with Christ, He becomes our partner. We need not to face the battle alone anymore.

It tiring to continue on the same routine every day. We wake up, we go to school or work, we face the same people, and we deal with the same problems that we feel were already there even before we were born. It’s redundant – it’s sickening to repeat the same process over and over again, with nothing but a single improvement from the day all of these things started. Where is God? And even if we do choose Christ above all else, we’ll still face the same thorns we had yesterday. But here’s what is so amazing about the Lord – He has given His WORD that He’ll not leave us through it all. I’m not saying that He abandons those who choose the other path. He never abandons anyone. Ever. It’s just that, He respects free will. And it is of free will that going the other way indirectly tells Him we are capable of handling things on our own. So while He really wanted to help and free us from our burdens, He stays behind, sadly watching us with a heavy heart. In the same way, it is also of free will that choosing Him tells Him we need Him – that we can’t do this alone. And because we allowed Him, so He works out the circumstances for us.

The Bible is full of instances where God’s presence is felt during the darkest times of people’s lives. David was saved from Abimelech. Daniel was delivered from the lion’s den. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego lived through the furnace. Moses was spared from death in the hands of Pharaoh. Paul survived all beatings and all prisons. 

Jesus rose from the dead.

These things happened so long in the past. And it still happens today. The Lord never changes – He is the same yesterday, today and forever – so rest assured He’ll do the same deliverance to us.

If you are experiencing any trouble of any kind (your parents are on the verge of separation, you’re the odd one out in the family, you are bullied in school, your finances are not enough to support your needs, you are looked down upon at work, or even just plain simple battles like battle with yourself), the Lord wants you to know that you are not alone. He never left you. He sees you and He desires to save you from those burdens, just as how much you desire to be free from them. He wants to take those burdens away from you so you just have to let Him, and choose to leave everything to Him. He can be trusted, that I assure you.

The Lord cares for you.

The Lord loves you.

Psalm 34: 19

“The disciples so often get into trouble;

Still, GOD is there every time”

Still, God is there every time.


"I'm here child."  - God Photo credits to:  http://www.iwantcovers.com/youre-not-alone/

“I’m here child.”
– God
Photo credits to:

Thicker than Blood

Thicker than Blood

“Obedience is thicker than blood.” (Matthew 12:50 MSG)


A word so used in the Bible that it appeared 150 times, and not a single of the 69 books of the Bible was without it. A common word, but with no doubt, and important one. Obedience gave way to the birth of the nation of Israel (Abraham); obedience bought salvation to Israelites against the Egyptians (Moses); obedience bought salvation to the whole world (Jesus). Yet as great as the rewards of it is, so is the price for acts against it. It was disobedience that brought the fall of mankind (Adam); it caused the favor of God to leave (King Saul); it was what lead to the division of the Kingdom of Israel (King Solomon); and it was what caused the nation to be exiled to foreign lands (Israelites in the time of the prophets).  

The simple act is not without a heavy price. One simple disobedience could lead to great consequences that affect not only the person involved but also the generations before him. It’s something that could bring about the birth of a nation, otherwise the fall of mankind. Obedience results in blessings and favor- even long after one is dead, like the life of King David.

Matthew 12:50

“Whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”

Perhaps the greatest reward of obedience is the acceptance in the family of God. Jesus himself had declared that only those who willingly obey without any reservations are those qualified to be called His family. Unity in a family is important in a harmonious and healthy relationship among the members. Most disagreements, particularly in the parent – child relationship, stems from disobedience, mostly in the part of the children. Those who maintain a good relationship with the other members through obedience tend to be more accepted rather than the black sheep.

God has designed this kind of family so as to give us an example on how things work out for Him too. If a harmonious relationship could be attained by obedience to parents, then the same goes for God too. Just calling Him “Father” does not entitle us the right to be His children, but accepting Him and following what He wills to do does. We cannot claim to have Him as our Father if we do not have respect and fear enough to do His will. A true belonging in the family of Christ enables us to choose obedience above all else, even if the world and circumstances elects us not to.

Obedience should be a hundred percent, and not to be delayed. Partial and delayed obedience is an obvious disobedience. So if we wanted to follow Christ and claim God as our “Father”, remember to keep an obedient heart – one that would give a hundred percent of it all.

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