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Jesus Lead the Way

“Jesus Lead the way”


Jesus lead the way, 

Through our life’s long day;

When at times, the way is cheerless,

Help us follow, calm and fearless;

Guide us by Your hand

To the promised land.


Jesus be our light,

In the midst of the night;

Let not faithless fear o’ertake us;

Let not faith and hope forsake us;

May we feel You near

As we worship here.


When in deepest grief,

Strengthen our belief;

When temptations come alluring,

Make us patient and enduring;

Lord, we seek Your grace

In this Holy Place.


Jesus, still lead on,

Till our rest be won;

If You lead us through rough places,

Grant us Your redeeming graces.

When our course is o’er,

Open heaven’s door.


– A prayer by Nicholas L. von Zinderdorf

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