About Me

217609_3379152359496_744987834_n How do I begin? I guess..HELLO!

Seeing that you made it here means you are quite curious about who I am. First of all, thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to read my quite simple profile.

Now, shall we start? =)

There is nothing I want you to know, other than the fact that I am a lowly human being striving to make the best of her inclination on writing. I like to believe that I was a female creature born on February 30, 1784, much to the chagrin of my colleagues. But they do know one thing about me (even though there’s a 0.1% chance that you would meet me, I’ll admit this painfully.) – I am a person of unwavering 4’9” height, and however old I may get on to be, I have already accepted the truth that people I meet would always misapprehend me as an elementary student. As for my real age, I would like to leave the guessing to you.

Oh! and also, (now this one is real.) I am a Filipino citizen, so don’t be surprised if some of my works are in my native language.

As for the blog name, NEMO SOLUS SAPIT is a Latin phrase meaning “No one is wise alone / by himself.”  Everyone needs someone to help them through life. Not even hardcore introverts could stand living life as a true hermit – secluded and cut off from other people. And not only that, the most important thing is about having a divine being to lean on to when it comes to this life. Yeah. I firmly believe in God. =) After all, we need all the help we can get. And that is what I would like to share through this blog. Different people, different experiences and knowledge. It is because of the people around me and God that I am able to write the things you can read on this blog. I sincerely hope that every post  would contribute to the reader’s knowledge about life, love, friends, and spirituality. 

Welcome to my world of letters. My mother’s is called Writing, my brother is Reading and my home is down the Solitude Street. Society calls me outside every now and then, but even so, I would still prefer the company of my so-called home and family. People reading this may think I am quite idiosyncratic but don’t worry – I can assure you that these qualities of mine don’t get out much if you were to meet me. To society, I’m just a plain petite girl, sometimes enthusiastic, sometimes gloomy, and always airheaded.418278_2662234877007_782441367_n

Imaginations make up my world, and so I would like for you to join me in it as well. Now that I mentioned that writing is my lifeblood, if you are one of those people who love reading fictions, please don’t hesitate to visit my Fanfiction account

If you have any questions, suggestions, violent reactions or whatsoever, don’t hesitate to message or email.

Well then…
See you around!


Any thoughts you want to share?

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