Thicker than Blood

Thicker than Blood

“Obedience is thicker than blood.” (Matthew 12:50 MSG)


A word so used in the Bible that it appeared 150 times, and not a single of the 69 books of the Bible was without it. A common word, but with no doubt, and important one. Obedience gave way to the birth of the nation of Israel (Abraham); obedience bought salvation to Israelites against the Egyptians (Moses); obedience bought salvation to the whole world (Jesus). Yet as great as the rewards of it is, so is the price for acts against it. It was disobedience that brought the fall of mankind (Adam); it caused the favor of God to leave (King Saul); it was what lead to the division of the Kingdom of Israel (King Solomon); and it was what caused the nation to be exiled to foreign lands (Israelites in the time of the prophets).  

The simple act is not without a heavy price. One simple disobedience could lead to great consequences that affect not only the person involved but also the generations before him. It’s something that could bring about the birth of a nation, otherwise the fall of mankind. Obedience results in blessings and favor- even long after one is dead, like the life of King David.

Matthew 12:50

“Whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”

Perhaps the greatest reward of obedience is the acceptance in the family of God. Jesus himself had declared that only those who willingly obey without any reservations are those qualified to be called His family. Unity in a family is important in a harmonious and healthy relationship among the members. Most disagreements, particularly in the parent – child relationship, stems from disobedience, mostly in the part of the children. Those who maintain a good relationship with the other members through obedience tend to be more accepted rather than the black sheep.

God has designed this kind of family so as to give us an example on how things work out for Him too. If a harmonious relationship could be attained by obedience to parents, then the same goes for God too. Just calling Him “Father” does not entitle us the right to be His children, but accepting Him and following what He wills to do does. We cannot claim to have Him as our Father if we do not have respect and fear enough to do His will. A true belonging in the family of Christ enables us to choose obedience above all else, even if the world and circumstances elects us not to.

Obedience should be a hundred percent, and not to be delayed. Partial and delayed obedience is an obvious disobedience. So if we wanted to follow Christ and claim God as our “Father”, remember to keep an obedient heart – one that would give a hundred percent of it all.


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