Of Spears and Soldiers

Psalm 18:32-33 (NIV)


32 It is God who arms me with strength
    and keeps my way secure.
33 He makes my feet like the feet of a deer;
    he causes me to stand on the heights.

The chapter where the verse belongs is one of the few in Psalms that are actually named, the corresponding title of 18 being “A David Song: which he sang to God after being saved from all his enemies and from Saul.” We all know the story: the Lord was with David and because of this, Saul became jealous of him. This jealousy prompted by the evil spirit made Saul want to kill David. He tried to pin him to the wall with a spear (twice); pursued him in different places; sent soldiers after him and even went so far as to pursue David personally but it was the Lord who kept the young boy out of harm’s way.

While our situations may not be as tragic and extreme as David’s, there are undeniably times where we feel that the whole world is caving in. It may be problems in our families, health, finances, relationships, emotions, just to name the common. That’s just the start. Most of the time it’s not just only one we have to deal with – they come falling down all together at the same time.

When it rains, it pours.  

But let us remember that no matter how much rain comes our way, it will never amount the greatness of our God. He, who is the Lord of all and the Owner of all creations, is the one capable of turning our rains into rainbows; our problems into miracles. David was spared from the hands of Saul not only once but in the remainder of Saul’s life. The King, until his death, never got the chance to harm David because the latter was under the guidance and protection of the Lord. No spear, no soldiers, no death threats was able to touch even a strand of David’s hair, and it was because of God’s great work that David found the inspiration to write Psalms chapter 18.

In relation to our lives, we must never forget that there is a God who watches over us every second of the day. We may not feel that He exists because we cannot literally see Him, but the proof of his existence cannot be boxed there. So whenever we’re feeling down, or broken because we can’t handle our life anymore, God reminds us to call on Him because He cares for us and He longs to take the burdens away from our hands. He longs to provide us the strength and courage so we can overcome this world – to stand on heights. He longs for His presence to be known through our down-moments. We just have to be humble and yet brave enough to accept his gentle reminder. And truly, I believe, when we leave everything in God’s hands, no amount of “soldiers” or “spears” would ever bring us down.  


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