I Did It!

            Nobody wants to fail.

            That’s a fact. Nobody would want anyone to see that they haven’t made the most out of what they had. For us, being successful does not only enable stability, but it also serves as a way to enhance self-confidence – to show people that despite the rocky road, you did it.


             Hearing this word, majority would immediately conjure up images of money and fame. However, that is just a narrow glimpse as to what it is for it is not just limited to something tangible. Success could be in the form of being a good father of the family; being able to get high grades in school; being able to impress your boss and the list could go on. This only shows that in its simplest form: success is the achievement of goals planned and worked for.  

            While this word is quite commonly heard, it can be quite puzzling to know as to why some people do not achieve it, while people their age are already reaping a good harvest of their chosen paths. What sets these kinds of people apart?

            Many books about success have already been published, but in a nutshell, the ingredients to success could be summed up in 3 small words:

Credits to: dailyinspired.net

Credits to: dailyinspired.net


            Can this be love? Of course not. Though this word is closely related to it, passion is not just something that is born between relationships. It can also be defined as a strong desire – a strong motivation that pushes someone to do something.

            You have to love what you do. You have to appreciate what you have before you can move on to the next step. Most successful people have this desire because it is what will push them to continue on pursuing their goals. Because: MOST SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE LOVE WHAT THEY DO.

Credits to: cornerview.me

Credits to: cornerview.me


            Nothing is born just within a day. People who are serious about their goals do not just dive into something whilst unprepared. Otherwise, it would spell disaster for them because goals without plans are simply dreams. People take days, months or even years of preparation because it is not just the success they have to prepare for, they have to watch out for the rocky roads as well. So if you want to be successful: BE PREPARED. (Double meaning intended.)


            Too many don’t realize their goals just because of the fact that they gave up.  The famous inventor, Thomas Edison once said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

            This is one of the hurdles that you would have to watch out for. Somewhere in the middle, you are bound to get tired – whether because of physical or emotional fatigue, or because of situations, or because of negative people around us. That’s normal. But, when such a time comes, it would be helpful to remember why, in the first place, you began. People are not defined by the number of goals they started. They are defined by the number of goals they finished. Press on. Prove those who pull you down that they are wrong. Prove to yourself that you can do it. 

            May the time come when you would look back on the day that started it all. And with a smile on your face, you declare, “I did it!”

Source: The 3 P’s of Success


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