It is proven by science that a large part of overall health rests on the mental aspect. What we think is what we are, and therefore, whatever our mind entertains would soon manifest outside. If applied to an organization, it would be a great determinant of success or efficiency. This is the reason why this kind of attitude is important, especially for team leaders, or managers. But the bad news is, not everyone is programmed to think this way. There are some whose personality inclines them to look at the gloomier side of things. Fortunately, a positive mental attitude can be learned.

The first thing to do is to remember that the choice is yours. We have no control over what happens to us, but we always have control over how we would react. Positivity is a choice. One could choose to be depressed about a failed exam, or one could choose to do better on the next one.

Second? You might want to limit the time you spend watching television. Read a good book, find a new hobby, spend time with family, or do anything that would lift up a spirit. Television often contains unhealthy scenes that could affect the way of thinking, from several bad news, to unhelpful dramas.

Another one is to use positive words. If you’re going to have a positive mental attitude, then it should start to be seen on the way you use words. “I can’t”, “There’s no way.”, “It’s impossible” should be out of the vocabulary, and replaced with “I can do it!”, “I choose to..” and the same.

Next is to surround yourself with positive people. There goes a saying “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.” Whoever we associate with will always have an impact on us, and if this is the case, then It’s better to make sure that the impact they would have would be good and encouraging. Now, it’s different if you are a leader or a manager, because most of the time, you don’t have the luxury to choose your members. However, you do have the authority over them, and so, it’s best to use that to impact positive outlook on your team.

Remember that the greatest battles are often fought in the mind. Fortunately, we have control over it. it will be of your choice whether to believe in what the negatives say, or to shake them off, and follow the brighter paths instead. Doing so, don’t be surprised to see success follow you.

Source: http://successnet.czcommunity.com/to-the-next-level/10-ways-to-build-a-positive-mental-attitude/972/


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